Lots of Progress!

It’s been a month, so it’s time for another update. The past month has been pretty busy and lots of fun. Here is what we’ve been up to: I added another person to the StatsTest team. I wasn’t moving quite as fast as I wanted to, so I brought another person on board to help

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Mapping Out An Intro To Stats Domain is making great progress. I just finished the 16th statistical method. All 16 of these methods fall under difference, meaning you want to see whether two groups are significantly different on your variable of interest, rather than relationship or prediction. All 16 of these methods also fall under continuous, meaning the variable that you

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In my exploration for other companies and websites devoted to easy-to-understand statistics and easy-to-use statistical software I came across StatWing: Efficient and Delightful Data Science. StatWing was created by a few Stanford graduates (plus a few others). They went on to get Y-Combinator funding in 2012 and were acquired by Qualtrics in 2016 (who were

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Hello World, this is StatsTest

StatsTest is meant to be extremely user-friendly and practitioner oriented. The goal of StatsTest is to enable anyone that needs to run a statistical test to understand which method they should be using, what assumptions come along with the method, and why the method is the best way to analyze their data. Most stats resources

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