Focusing on the problem rather than the solution

I’ve been moving a bit more slowly over the holidays, but with the start of the new year I’m back at it again. I finished the proportional difference methods today, which means all of the “Difference” methods are now finished. This is 25 methods out of the total 45 methods projected for the StatsTest workflow–that’s 56% completed!

As I have been pondering on where I want to go with StatsTest moving into the new year, I’ve decided that the goal is to make it the greatest free resource to choosing the correct statistical test that has ever existed. It should be extremely easy to use, relatively free of statistical jargon, and quickly allow anyone to determine which statistical test is the right test for them.

As for sustainability, the purpose of creating this resource is to (1) help people who struggle with choosing the appropriate statistical test (2) get closer to the needs and pain points of statistics users to continue to develop meaningful solutions to solve their problems. The next solution that I develop will be a paid solution designed to support itself while also supporting as it grows. I have seen many side projects that are great ideas but do not last very long because of the time and resources required to support the project. To hedge against this, I will be developing additional paid solutions around in order to sustain this project.

I usually jump straight into a cool solution to solve a problem, but this time around I decided to focus on the pain instead. What pain points do statistics users face? What types of statistics users are there? How can I solve these problems?

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