Your StatsTest is Kendall’s Tau or Spearman’s Rho

You have chosen Kendall’s Tau or Spearman’s Rho with your answers to the Choose Your StatsTest questions. To summarize how you got here:

  1. Choose Your StatsTest: You chose Relationship. You are trying to determine the relationship between two variables.
  2. Relationship: You chose At Least One Ordinal variable. At least one of your variables of interest is ordinal, meaning it is composed of categories that have a natural order to them.

If any of these decisions were incorrect for your specific situation or do not accurately describe the nature of your data, please click back to the appropriate step and make the correct choice.

Note: Kendall’s Tau and Spearman’s Rho are both appropriate for these types of data. We recommend using Kendall’s Tau.

Click here to read more about Kendall’s Tau.