What is the nature of your variables of interest?

Two Continuous

– OR –

Two Categorical

– OR –

At Least One Ordinal

– OR –

One Binary and One Continuous

More Information (if you need help deciding)

What is the nature of your variables?

Two Continuous: A continuous variable is a variable that can reasonably take on any value within a range. Good examples of continuous variables include height, weight, exam scores, income, salary, etc.

Two Categorical: A categorical variable is a variable that is a category without a natural order. Examples of categorical variables are eye color, city of residence, type of dog, etc.

At least One Ordinal: Select this option if you have one ordinal and one continuous variable or two ordinal variables. An ordinal variable is one with categories that have an inherent order. For instance, education level (GDE/Bachelors/Masters/PhD), income level (if grouped into high/medium/low) etc.

One Binary and One Continuous: Binary means that your variable is a category with only two possible values. Some good examples of binary variables include gender (male/female) or any True/False or Yes/No variable.