Normal Variable of Interest

How many independent variables do you have? This is the same thing as asking how many sets of grouping variables do you have? Or how many sets of groups do you have?

Single Independent Variable (1 group variable)

– OR –

Multiple Independent Variables (2+ group variables)

More Information (if you need help deciding)

Single Independent Variable (1 group variable): This could be something like eye color (brown, blue, green) OR age (young, middle-aged, elderly).

Multiple Independent Variables (2+ group variables): This could be something like eye color AND age, creating the groups brown eyed and young, brown eyed and middle-aged, brown eyed and elderly, blue eyed and young, blue eyed and middle-aged, blue eyed and elders, green eyed and young, green eyed and middle-aged, and green eyed and elderly. Notice there are two sets of groups (eye color and age), and we care about differences on our variable of interest (weight for example) across all combinations of the two sets of groups.