Your StatsTest is Mixed Effects Logistic Regression

You have chosen Mixed Effects Logistic Regression with your answers to the Choose Your StatsTest questions. To summarize how you got here:

  1. Choose Your StatsTest: You chose Prediction. You are trying to predict one or more variables using others or are interested in determining the numerical relationship between two variables.
  2. Prediction: You chose Binary Dependent Variable. This means that the variable you are trying to predict is binary, or can take only two values (e.g. true/false, yes/no).
  3. Binary Dependent Variable: You chose More than One Independent Variables. This means that you are trying to predict using more than one variable.
  4. More than One Independent Variables: You chose Repeated Measures, meaning that your data contain a multiple points of observation, as opposed to containing a single observation from the one sample.

If any of these decisions were incorrect for your specific situation or do not accurately describe the nature of your data, please click back to the appropriate step and make the correct choice.

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