Choose Your StatsTest

The Choose Your StatsTest workflow will guide you through a series of questions in order to figure out which statistical test (StatsTest) is right for you and your data. Just answer the questions and it will help you find the most appropriate statistical test.

Are you trying to determine the difference or goodness of fit between groups or are you trying to find a relationship or prediction?

Difference or Goodness of Fit

– OR –

Relationship or Prediction

More Information (if you need help deciding)

Difference or Goodness of Fit: For example, will plants grow faster if we regularly talk to them? Compare the height of randomly selected plants that you talk to against the height of control plants that are never talked to. Another example might be do runners actually run faster with the Nike Vaporfly shoes? Compare race times for a randomly selected group of runners wearing the Nike Vaporfly shoes against a randomly selected control group of runners wearing a control shoe.

Relationship or Prediction: For example, what is the relationship between exercising and weight loss? Do they trend in the same direction? Is it a significant relationship? Another example might ask if there is there an association between time spent studying and grades on final exams. What is the nature of this association? Is it significant?