In my exploration for other companies and websites devoted to easy-to-understand statistics and easy-to-use statistical software I came across StatWing: Efficient and Delightful Data Science. StatWing was created by a few Stanford graduates (plus a few others). They went on to get Y-Combinator funding in 2012 and were acquired by Qualtrics in 2016 (who were then acquired by SAP in 2018). They are now known as Stats iQ.

I love what StatWing is trying to accomplish–enable anyone to easily and efficiently run complicated statistical methods to better understand their data and effectively use data to make decisions. This is a shared mission and is something I hope to accomplish with There are too many resources created with complicated mathematics and filled with statistical jargon. I want to create a statistical resource that can be easily used by anyone. Even the mainstream statistical analysis programs (R, SPSS, Stata, SAS), while they provide many advanced statistical methods, do not guide you through which test to run and how to interpret your results.

The dream (aka of course) would be to create a statistical resource that (1) guides you through which test to run on your data, (2) helps you run and interpret the analysis, and (3) provides easy to consume and share powerpoint slides, properly formatted text documents, and data visualizations to help others understand the results to act appropriately.

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