The Indie Hacker Grind (November Edition)

1 Year Celebration! We started exactly 1 year ago, so this is our 1 year update. Over the past year we have developed a dedicated page with thorough explanations and examples for 45 statistical methods across prediction, relationship, and difference groups. We also developed a Choose Your Own Adventure workflow that guides you through which statistical test you should use based on the nature of your data and research question.

On top of having descriptive methods pages, we have also developed a unique figure for all methods. The figures are high quality and intuitive, so you can see at-a-glance when the method should be used. These images receive quite a bit of Google Search Image traffic.

We have continued to improve in search position, clicks, and users every month over the past year. At first we weren’t getting any organic search traffic, but now, we get anywhere from 20-75 organic clicks per day. This is pretty great considering we haven’t done any backlink work and we only have 5 backlinks from social media and personal blogs.

Here is a chart from Google Analytics showing user growth on our site over the past 12 months.

The two spikes in August were from a social media push on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but since then we haven’t done any social media pushes, and you can see our organic user growth over the past 3 months is pretty good.

We are now trying to think through what we can do to provide additional value on the site. What do people looking for stats content want? Tutorial videos? Practice exercises? An intro to stats course? A software solution to help them run their analyses? What would people use? What would people pay for? We have loved building this site and are looking for ways to continue making it better.

Web Stats Update (past 3 months)

Back links: 5 (same as last month)
Organic search clicks: 1,250 (up from 399 last month)
Average clickthrough rate: 1.4% (up from 1.2% last month)
Impressions: 86,400 (up from 34,600 last month)
Google Search avg. position: 20.4 (down from 22.9 last month)

Image Stats Update (past 3 months)

Back links: 5 (same as last month)
Organic search clicks: 495 (up from 274 last month)
Average clickthrough rate: 0.6% (same as 0.6% last month)
Impressions: 83,500 (up from 45,700 last month)
Google Search avg. position: 34.0 (down from 39.9 last month)

Users Update (past 3 months)

Users: 3,300 (up from 1,700 last month)
Sessions: 3,900 (up from 2,000 last month)
Bounce Rate: 84.95% (up from 77.56% last month)
Session Duration: 1 minute 11 seconds (up from 1 minute 10 seconds last month)

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